Travel Essentials

Let’s be real: packing is the essential, yet often unloved, aspect of traveling. Check out items that I keep on my checklist for most, if not all, of my trips.

Comfy, Versatile Shoes

Comfy shoes that can make a statement are everything! Here are my favorites.

Suavs Shoes

Breathable, air-wicking, and fabulous. They make roaming around foreign cities a comfortable, fashionable endeavor. Plus, Suavs is a local Austin business. #supportlocalbusinesses ! Check out Suavs here.

Outdoor Voices

The softest shoes I’ve ever had, I slipped these bad boys on and felt as if I’d stepped onto a cloud. The lilac color adds a pop of color to any outfit, and are easy to transition from work-out outfit to explorative outfit. In short, these are great to pair with a throw on dress, leggings, or really, anything. Can’t go wrong with them. And best yet, OV is a brand prioritizing ethics and sustainability.

Fanny Pack

Yes, fanny packs were big for most of our parents and in the 80’s, but legit, they are game-changing. It leaves hands free for all sorts of activities– photo-taking, sampling of local foods, shopping etc, ensuring that the important items (wallet, phone, lipstick, passport), are on-hand and safely stowed. Plus, with the resurrection of this trend, there’s a ton of awesome styles and designs to choose from. My personal recommendation? Shop vintage, thrift or head over to God is Dope for yours.

A Dope, Durable Carry-on

If you’re anything like me, you need luggage that’s large enough for the essentials but small, durable, and mobile enough to carry-on and keep up with you. Especially when you’re running (literally) to get thru TSA and make your flight. For me, these requirements are encompassed with my Delsey.

Additional perks to this bag:

  • TSA Combination Lock
  • Integrated Privacy ID Tag + Tracking Plate Included
  • Silent Spinner Wheels
  • Fits in Overhead Compartment
  • Elegant design and interior
  • 4 Wheels to Keep Zero Weight on Arms