Kara Elyse is an American recording artist and performer, actress, published photographer, journalist, model and entrepreneur.

Through her work and lifestyle she aims to serve and inspire women to unapologetically chase their dreams; to passionately pursue and live in purpose.

Though based in Texas’ capital where she earned her degree in a photography and digital media as a student at the University of Texas at Austin, she was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and takes pride in her Midwestern roots.

Having been described by peers and collaborators as a “multi-talented, multi-faceted” individual, the below are highlights of her current endeavors.


Although stylistically bringing nostalgia-tapping ’90’s R&B feels, she also brings a tonation, delivery and energy that is all her own, making her sound a most refreshing reprieve in this new-age of music. Her first official single “Take Control”,  released in spring 2018, is an urban take on the classic tale of boy meets girl. With mellow grooves laced on top of a mild tempo, this introductory track successfully blends soaring melodies — synonymous with ‘classic R&B’— with playfully delivered lines, indicative of now prevalent, more contemporary flavors. Updates and new music available here.

Mindful Media

While a University of Texas at Austin student, I failed to see any women of color leading a full-service creative agency. This observation gave me— a Black female photographer with an entrepreneurial spirit — pause to think. I decided to generate opportunities for talented individuals to enter, occupy and create in spaces they’d likely never considered or had the chance to engage; to create a new narrative of who is chosen for this work in the city.

To address this issue, I launched Mindful Media — a boutique creative agency specializing in digital content creation for individuals, brands, businesses and organizations. Our core capabilities include photography, videography, drone, and collateral materials, meaning we can assist with every aspect of the content creation process, from ideation to execution.

We take pride in our hands-on approach and work closely with our clients to ensure their brand’s identity and aesthetic and our artistry shine through in each project. We continuously strive to embody our mantra, “creativity without limits,” in our thought, approach, and creation.

Photo + Journalism

KE’s work, written and photographic, has appeared in various publications, including Ms. Magazine, Reporting Texas, KUT, the San Marcos Record and beyond. Her journalistic mission: to capture the humanity of whatever moment she finds herself in; the beauty of places she’s fortunate enough to see; and, to convey the stories of those members of marginalized members of society whose voices, talents and narratives have, historically, been ignored let alone validated. Head over to her portfolio.


Having always considered herself a “global citizen,” Kara Elyse has been passionate about travel and adventure-seeking from a young age. Inspired by persistent wanderlust-related inquiries from countless friends, family and followers of her other creative pursuits, she launched thatchickfromohio; a travel blog and guide to adventuring “boojee on a budget.” Though a platform designed generally inspire millennials of color to venture beyond , the specific focus is to both create dialogue and evoke change around stereotypes commonly associated with individuals from the Midwest or small towns. In short, there is more to us than cornfields, cows and LeBron James (no shade because he’s a king)— topics that too often become the center of conversations. Learn more about TCFO here


As a model, KE has collaborated with several brands including, but not limited to: Trove, Fanm Djanm, Strides by miyanna, Icon’s Closet, Mutual Feelings, Suavs Shoes.

Select Brand Collaborations