“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be fulfilled.”

Kara Elyse’s thirst for righteousness is multi-faceted, and includes advocating for the liberty and equity of both people and planet.

Her desire to see humankind flourish while maintaining healthy, positive relationships and interactions with the world and its creatures is a belief she feels must be adopted by the majority of our population if we are to see true change.

Because of this, and her understanding that change must begin on the personal level, she’s reevaluated some of her life practices. Check out the below to see just how #KaraKares.

You Are What You Eat

We’re all familiar with the old saying and adage “you are what you eat”, which implies that it’s important to eat good food in order to be at and performing at your best. Because I do believe there is truth to this, and given that I’ve experienced, witnessed and felt change when eating clean, I know it…

The Ugly Truth Behind Pretty Clothes

Fast fashion- trendy clothing designed to reflect fashion as seen on runways, made cheaply and quickly so that mainstream consumers can afford it- has become one of the worst causes of pollution. One garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second; more generally, fashion is responsible for 92 million tons of solid waste is dumped…

Pretty in a Positive Way

There’s no denying that the cosmetics industry is one of the most viable in the world. Without knowing that the more than $500 billion industry’s market value is set to reach over $805 billion by 2023 , one could garner a sense of how expansive its reach has become, especially with the advent of social…

Lookbook: Ethical + Sustainable Styles