You Are What You Eat

We’re all familiar with the old saying and adage “you are what you eat”, which implies that it’s important to eat good food in order to be at and performing at your best.

Because I do believe there is truth to this, and given that I’ve experienced, witnessed and felt change when eating clean, I know it to be true.

For this reason, and the fact that I desire to see all people– but especially Black people, who’ve historically been had limited or no access to alternatives — eat better, and as a result live better, here are some fun healthy options I’ve discovered. I recognize that disposable is a factor to always be considered, so I’m doing my best to incorporate a range of options that suit a range of budgets. *College girl, here. I get it.*


My review: I like for any food products I consume— especially my smoothie ingredients— to be both colorful and real. (Just like me! lol.) In this respect, Everipe does not disappoint. Their product is great, and for a variety of reasons. First, ease of use. Given that everything included in a blend comes pre-packaged, this expedites the smoothie-making process and ensures that things don’t get messy. This is perfect for individuals who, like me, are always on the go. Second, it’s nutritious and contains only organic ingredients. While using this product was educational about benefits associated with freeze-dried fruits, I learned from experimentation that size of the blender can impact the consistency of the smoothie. (My large Vitamix was much better at blending all ingredients compared to my smaller, one-serve blender.) Third, and hands-down most important to my tastebuds, is the delicious taste! I’ve yet to try all of the blends, but find both that Unbelievaberry lives up to its name and that Pina Colossal is surprisingly bearable, despite the fact that I’ve always had a STRONG aversion to coconut and coconut flavoring. I can easily see the benefits that adding Everipe would bring to any daily routine. In short, Everipe is a great-tasting and simple choice.