Pretty in a Positive Way

There’s no denying that the cosmetics industry is one of the most viable in the world. Without knowing that the more than $500 billion industry’s market value is set to reach over $805 billion by 2023 , one could garner a sense of how expansive its reach has become, especially with the advent of social media and other technologies, which have led to the remarkable rise of what’s known as influencer marketing. in fact, how many YouTubers or influencers do you follow, for makeup, hair, or skincare tips? You get the gist.

Two Sides to my Beauty Coin

Though I consider myself rather new to the wide and saturated world of beauty care and products, (I grew up a Tomboy, and for any entertainment projects have typically hired a talented MUA), I’ve recently decided to educate and invest in myself so that I can execute the basics should I need to. For instance, after landing back in town I had two days before leaving town again to complete a product shoot for a new collaboration. Scheduling an MUA with such short notice won’t generally work. Then and there, I opted to try to learn a few things I could implement on my own.

In doing so, two things occurred to me. First, thoughts around what brands provide products that are eco-friendly, ethically made or both, given how much plastic is utilized in the cosmetics industry. Eeek. Second, I started considering who has products that are both healthy and effective for my skin. I have VERY sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts, therefore I want something that’s providing the needed coverage without causing further irritation, so I tend to lean toward products that organic, or made with natural ingredients.

While I’m rather new on this journey, here are some of the products I’ve added to my regular beauty regimen and my rationale behind each selection.

W3LL PEOPLE – Beauty (mascara)


W3LL PEOPLE’s ‘good for you’ cosmetics contain premium natural ingredients with NO potentially toxic chemicals, preservatives or petro ingredients. Their plant-based formulas do contain hydrating and therapeutic botanicals, organic aloe, organic chamomile, organic green tea, and organic Aloe Vera. I’m a fan of this mascara because it offers a gentle, natural, look that can easily be added to should you desire to transition to a more dramatic evening look as the day goes on.



Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free, this brand is very open about the fact that they prioritize making products that consist of natural, organic ingredients. Their shampoos are infused with ethically sourced and natural ingredients, while the conditioners are designed with fast-rinse technology. This means they quickly rehydrate your hair so you don’t have to waste as much water and time when rinsing it out. *For curly-headed girls like myself, whose coils need that extra amount love, this still works. Fr fr.

Read more about what this brand is doing to make change here.

SCHMIDT’S- Skin Care


Often times, it’s assumed that choosing natural deodorant means sacrificing smelling and feeling fresh. While this is often true with some leading natural brands, I’m happy to report that I found a deodorant that smells AMAZING (Lavender + Sage is my favorite, so far) in Schmidt’s. And good news; this plant-and mineral based brand offers personal care products outside of deodorant. Want further proof that they care not just about the health of your skin, but also the planet? Read about their sustainable and ethical practices or their recycle club perks.